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Indeed.com selected to Time magazine's Top 10 websites of 2007

Time Mag: Indeed.com #10 website of 2007

Bored at work? Look for a new job by using the search engine Indeed.com, which spans listings from job boards, newspapers and company employment sites. Use the advanced search function to drill down by keyword and location so you can match your requirements precisely. Save your searches and have them delivered to you by email or RSS feed. With Indeed.com you only have to search one site to find the new vocation that's right for you.

Time's top website for 2007:

    10. [reviewIndeed.com 
    9. [reviewFatSecret 
    8. [reviewVolunteerMatch 
    7. [reviewDontForgetYourToothbrush 
    6. [reviewmenupages 
    5. [reviewgoodreads 
    4. [reviewtechPresident 
    3. [reviewwink 
    2. [reviewAskSunday 
    1. [reviewLemonade 

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Posted 12/14/2007

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