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Exposure, Indeed!

Professional FYI note:

I've recently decided to leave my job as Online Marketing Manager at Indeed.com. During the past 2+ years I served the vertical search engine for jobs as the SEO, SEM, PPC manager...

I helped Indeed grow 7-800% to 16 million unique visitors per month globally during my 2+ years with the company. Indeeed is now one of the top employment websites in the world.

job search by Indeed Indeed grew from 2 million unique visitors /month (Jan. 2007) to 16 million unique visitors globally (Apr. 2009) - becoming one of the top overall job sites during that time. Indeed is now the #2 jobs site and a top-ranked website overall.

And it's a great product too! If you need a job, indeed is the best place to start your search!

Prediction (easy - it's only a matter of time now):
Indeed will soon be the #1 online job website in the country. (My only regret is that I may not be invited to the party when that event is celebrated.) But Indeed is well on it's way - I feel I've made my impact by leading the online marketing efforts to date and training a couple of people who will carry those efforts forward, in their own way, as the company progresses into it's next phase of growth.

During my time with Indeed, I was able to incorporate many different online marketing skills (SEM, SEO, PR, Social Media) and can honestly say I believe that the straight-forward honest (White Hat) tactics employed were instrumental to the company's growth and will continue to be into the future.

Leaving Indeed was a difficult choice for me since I totally support the efforts of the company. Indeed innovated and defined the "job search" market and has clearly developed the best product on the market. The company continues to innovate with totally unique, new products and user-friendly functionality.

I truly enjoyed working at a search engine. Vertical Search is an area that will experience tremendous growth in the near future and Indeed is leading the vertical search market by example. It was quite a unique experience to perform search engine marketing for a search engine and to work with search engine engineers daily.

International Search Marketing efforts are another area of pride. While I only speak one (or marginally two) languages fluently, Indeed is now successfully launched in 12 countries and in 5 different languages.

I'll take pride in my work at Indeed long into the future. Some of the ideas and suggestions I put forward have long been bearing fruit for the company. Some ideas may take months or years to come to fruition... but I know that many were implemented and/or will be incorporated in the future. Of course, some of those suggestions may never come to be.

I fully expect to see Indeed as the #1 job site within the next year or so.
Seriously, my friends, feel free to invite me to the party when that happens!!

- Tim Dineen


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